Black Velvet Collection

“Less is more”, when less is black and more is velvet.

The Black Velvet Collection, is not your typical, romantic collection. Besides, moulds were made to be broken. Both in love and our craft as well.
Love may be spontaneous. It is direct and simple in its making. It flows and fills our days, so effortlessly. However, our mission is to create, inspired by it. So, we honour its majesty with our incomparable expertise and always elegant, signature touch of luxury.
Doing things that are “too much”, is a trait of the enamored ones. Not of our aesthetics. We choose our elements with great attention and emphasis on details. Only things deemed necessary and purposeful are added into what we create.
The undoubtedly luxurious fabric of the velvet, dresses up our premium boxes with its tantalizing charm. It gives life to yet another way to look at flowers and your endless, unique feelings. Thus, we cover yet another line in the ever growing spectrum of your heart.
Black velvet and red roses, it is. Just that. Only. How else would we materialize the strongest feeling ever felt?

Welcome, to the Black Velvet Collection.
If passion had a texture, it would be a velvet one. Definitely, not something someone would picture in the sound of the words “lovey-dovey”.


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