Our philosophy is based on beautifying your ambience any moment possible. This can happen with the Home & Essences Collection of Fiorentino LFS.

The Fiorentino LFS flower shops create more and more ways to for awakening your senses. More paths with the sole destination of relaxation. Discover the Home & Essences Collection and surrender in the aromatherapy and high end decoration experience of your liking. Scented candles, diffusers, vases and home fragrances are exceptional gifts of indulgence. Bring the jasmine into your office, the baby powder in your living room and the nutmeg in the family table. If you cannot choose, bring the signature Fiorentino smell in any space you wish. Find the product that suits you best and add value into your moments.

Fill your space, not only with captivating scents but also with our beautiful design that reflects our signature elegant aesthetics. Offer your loved ones or your self, gifts that make any space or surface, smell like Fiorentino.

After all, when you come back home from a long day, we will be there for you! The flower shops Fiorentino LFS, care for the choices available for you and make sure they are created with great devotion and attention to detail.

Place an order today from our Home & Essences Collection, through our online or physical stores. Our flower shops will take care of your safe and fast delivery all over Greece.