Knock, knock! Who is this? Freshness? Come on in because home fragrances are the most mezmerizing obsession.

The Fiorentino LFS flower shops care about your everyday aromatherapy rituals. The home fragrances sprays of the Fiorentino Essences, offer you your most beloved smells in pretty, transparent bottles. They impress with their aromas as well as their minimalistic presence. Explore options such as gardenia, sandalwood and rose and make any space or surface smell just lovely.

Because any moment is better when it smells like Fiorentino flowers!

Offer your loved ones, or your self the priceless gift of relaxation. The flower shops Fiorentino LFS, create amazing choices for you with the utmost devotion and attention to detail. Place an order for the magical collection of Home Fragrances by Fiorentino Essences, through our online or physical stores. Fiorentino LFS will provide you with a safe and fast delivery all over Greece.


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