Another…descent proposal for relaxation by our flower shops. So indulgent, it is almost illegal!

Our collection of Reed Diffusers, has been created to satisfy all tastes completely, for room scenting. We recognise your different desires and that is why our collection holds a variety of combinations and single scents. Thus, you may create the ambience of your choice. From the sweet and discreet baby powder smell, to the all time favourite jasmine and palo santo…

To scents like nutmeg and gingerbread, that make every day feel like Christmas! However, with any choice, every day will smell like Fiorentino. Create a special atmosphere like never before.

A feast for the senses, including the eye! Its packaging makes it also a great addition to your space.

Offer your loved ones or your self, the priceless gift of relaxation. The flower shops Fiorentino LFS, create amazing choices for you with the utmost devotion and attention to detail. Place an order for the magical collection of Reed Diffusers by Fiorentino Essences, through our online or physical stores. Fiorentino LFS will provide you with a safe and fast delivery all over Greece.