How it started

The image and the value of a luxury brand, is based on the idea of differentiation. It does not solely concern the product itself, but also all its non-material characteristics. The details, the story behind it and the passion in the creative process. Such elements were crucial to the creation of our reference point product category, the Eternity & Dry flowers.
The Fiorentino LFS flower shops, based on their philosophy of innovation and non negotiable quality standards in the flower field, offer you exceptional choices in every way.
As professional florists, dedicated to what we do, we found the connection between something so simple, pretty and unconditional such as the flower and your more sophisticated, premium desires.

What makes us stand out

Our wonderful Ecuador roses, which we have been providing you with for years, after being collected at the peak of their blooming, are being dried and coloured. Thus, they become… Eternity. Now, this ever so fragile and sensitive flower stands tall against time and decorates your world for years. They come in lovely premium handmade boxes of paper or plexiglass, glass domes and frames, being the perfect fit for any occasion or taste.

The hunger for continuous evolvement and innovation

Our desire for meeting your every wish does not stop there though. We have also introduced the exquisite Dry Flower Collection in our flower shops, that lasts forever!
This collection is also the result of the flowers being thoroughly dried and coloured, which offer an astounding result to the flowers. Like all of the rest of our collection, you may find a variety here as well. The dry flowers come in boxes, bouquets and glass domes as well.
But our story does not end here either. As you keep enjoying our creations, we keep on working, dreaming and delivering for you in the future.
Explore our Eternity and Dry Flowers Collection and find the best choice for you or your loved one, as they make a splendid gift!

Place your order from the Eternity Collections or the Dry Flowers Collection, through our online or physical stores. Our flower shops will offer you a safe and fast delivery all over Thessaloniki, including deliveries all over Greece.