The chain of the Fiorentino LFS flower shops, is driven by its desire to always stay in the heart of progress and innovation around flowers and gift giving. The headquarters are located in Thessaloniki.
With almost half a century of experience, the flower shop in the street of Mitropoleos, got company. That is when two new shops showed up in Thessaloniki, a pop up store in Apollonia Politia and a forthcoming franchise shop in Larissa.

With more than 400 products and more than 100 options in different cut flowers and arrangements. They are all available for delivery in Thessaloniki and some of them, all over Greece.

Bouquets of flowers and plants for interiors are only some of our options for you.
We are famous for our roses that last for years, also known as Eternity or Forever roses.
Also, premium boxes with eternity or fresh flowers are incredible gift choices. Then, the well known glass dome with the rose is inspired by the guarding glass from the classic fairytale “Beauty & the Beast”. All the above are some of our best seller products.

Discover all of our variety by taking a tour in more than 15 categories, capable of fitting in any occasion. A birthday, a name day, an anniversary, a wedding, a christening, the birth of a baby, even for offering condolences are such occasions. Last but not least, our flower shops can guarantee you a safe and fast delivery.