Sweetness overdose could be an understatement, because exclusive bears are too cute to describe in words.

Fiorentino LFS adds a touch of luxury in a world where pure and innocent feelings prevail.

The Exclusive Bear collection in velvet, speaks directly in our heart through different colours and our signature golden element.

Our flowers shops offers you another gorgeous alternative to flowers, or a lovely addition to them!

Share feelings of love with the most classic gift in the most unique, premium attire.

Make wonderful choices with Fiorentino LFS, as we take gift giving seriously. Our devotion and attention to detail is non negotiable. Even with such cute presents!

Offer extraordinary gifts and share loving feelings, that may never be forgotten.

The Fiorentino LFS flower shops, create exceptional options for you with unlimited love and inspiration.

Take advantage of our premium services and place an order for the Exclusive bears Collection through our online or physical stores today, for the Exclusive Bear Collection.

Our flower shops will provide you with a safe and fast delivery all over Greece.


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