Never underestimate the power and the energy of house plants in a certain environment. With a plant’s colours and shape, the world around them gets transformed and freshness is added into our lives.

The flower shops Fiorentino LFS, pay great attention to their plant collection. Their quality and variety proves that. Elegance and positive vibes fill the atmosphere around them and make your mood!

Ideal options for the “carefree” ones that do not wish to take great care of their blooms. They do however, want them to bring beauty into their space.

From the wonderful hydrangea plant to the elegant and charming orchid…

Our collection satisfies any kind of taste and upgrades any kind of space.

Our plants are just perfect for gifts. Not only to others, but also to ourselves. Plants for the house, the office…we could use a little of their positivity anywhere and anytime.

The flower shops Fiorentino LFS, care for the choices available for you and make sure they are created with great devotion and attention to detail.

Place an order today from our plant collection, through our online or physical stores. Our flower shops will take care of your safe and fast delivery in Thessaloniki.