Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day. The mother, is a person highly identified with the very meaning of life for us from the beginning of our life.

She is as important as our oxygen, literally. She is the synonym of words like “love”, “tenderness”, “warmth”, and even words like “beware!”.

In moments that are carefree, or anxious, joyous or sad, she always adopts our own mood and situation and knows what we want or need at all times. For all of our lives she gives and gives, as we accept it all, because they are the tools with which we face our everyday lives.

How beautiful to recognize her grandeur. Some might say it is a given, but we know it is sacred. There is no greater word than “thank you”. And she deserves it times 10, every day and every minute of it.

However, in our everyday lives we tend to forget all that. This is why there is an annual reminder that refers to a very old tradition. Buying our mother flowers. A lovely bouquet to show her that she deserves only love and beautiful things from the ones she brought to the world and prepared them for it.

Let’s try to offer her something small every day like a phone call, to ask her if she needs help with something, a simple “i love you mom”, and let’s give her flowers on Mother’s Day, on the 9th of May.

She deserves it.

Happy Mother’s Day to all moms!

Trust our history, experience and expertise of almost 50 years for such a special moment.

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