Your most caring and delicate gesture, in its most delicate attire. The incomparably sweet collection of the Rose Bear makes the person you gift it to, experience a new level of romance and kindness.

Fiorentino LFS, offers creative alternatives once again and stands out with our flower shops’ unique manners of communicating love. “Teddy” becomes “Rosie” and fills the room with an overdose of cuteness!

Artificial roses give life to our childhood’s best friend. An affectionate present, is a present offered from the heart and delivered by Fiorentino LFS.

Offer unique gifts to your loved ones. Gifts, they will never forget. The Fiorentino LFS flower shops, create exceptional options for you with unlimited devotion and attention to detail. Take advantage of our premium services and place an order through our online or physical stores today, for the lovely Rose Bear Collection.

Our flower shops will provide you with a safe and fast delivery.


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