Valentine’s Day: 365 feelings, in one day.

Love is a mysterious thing. Some fall in love at first sight. Some do so, more and more each day. However, they will all say the same thing. “I love you”. So many songs, poems, movies. They all talk about the same concept. Love. Each one of them, meant something different though. Something unique. Something which could be expressed perfectly with the ever romantic Valentine’s Day Collection of our flower shops.

Our mission, is to offer you as many options as possible, in order to materialise all these emotions. To express through our own philosophy, aesthetics and experience, the closest to the uniqueness of the feelings you have inside.

The romantic souls will agree with us and will count the days down until they can exploit this symbolic holiday and will make a gift research for their loved one with great excitement, or even for themselves. That’s because, love is not just a feeling seeking expression, but a way of life.

However, not everyone is an avid admirer of this holiday, as some believe that love should be celebrated all year long. But, with everyday life, we tend to forget the things that matter and we rarely remind our special someone, how much we love her or him.

Valentine’s Day is such a great reminder. On the 14th February we do not act the “must”. We act on our heart’s voice. A voice that exists all year long, talking to us each day. On this special day though, we listen to that voice carefully, because it speaks the truth. Since the only thing completely true in this world, is love.