’21. Asymmetrical, bold, controversial. It takes us through yesterday, but through tomorrow as well.
To all our revolutions. National, and personal ones. To the essence of independence, of all and of each individual separately.
We, in Fiorentino LFS, have created a collection dedicated to 2021, for you. The Ventuno Collection. We unite our history, with our vision.

With our tomorrows, which are our strongest source of inspiration.

This year, we dress up your space in positivity, glow, fortitude, strength and stability. The Ventuno Collection will be the milestone of 2021 for you and your loved ones. What better a gift could you ever offer?
Yellow like the sun, that reminds us that each day, comes to pass. That we will always have a new chance to rewrite the script. Grey like solid rocks, that make the strongest homes. The colours yellow and grey, are the colours of 2021.

A deep meaning, takes form through our exceptional, premium creations. Our constant attention to details and love in what we do.
The Fiorentino LFS flower shops, honor the 200 years anniversary of the Greek War of Independence.

We dedicate the Ventuno Collection to all the tomorrows that are given freely to us.
Let’s make history.