Dip into the Golden experience of Fiorentino LFS and discover a world where all is gold! The most premium collection of our flower shops questions how precious flowers can actually be… explore the immense beauty of golden roses.

Our wonderful Ecuador roses, which we have been providing you with for years, after being collected at the peak of their blooming, are being dried and coloured. Thus, they become… Eternity. Now, this ever so fragile and sensitive flower stands tall against time and decorates your world for years. They come in lovely premium handmade boxes of paper or plexiglass, glass domes and frames, being the perfect fit for any occasion or taste.

After all, love is a priceless feeling.

The Golden Collection of the Fiorentino LFS flower shops, is available for a safe and fast delivery in Thessaloniki and the rest of Greece.

Place your order  through our online or physical stores and take advantage of our premium services, with the guarantee of Fiorentino LFS.