A scent so spicy, your place will gain its own signature smell. The cumin is a popular pungent spice. But the dark cumin has a much more subtle aroma that is loved in the aromatherapy universe.

Our flower shops fill your space with the smell of Dark Cumin, but also with our secret formula that makes our fragrances stand out. Discover our scented candles by the Fiorentino Essences Collection and experience aromatherapy like never before.

Up to 96h.


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Discover our captivating smells, that emerge from our scented candles by the Fiorentino Essences Collection. Made in Greece, they posses high quality wax and a beautiful, minimalistic appearance.

Our scented candles blends are made of edible paraffin, combined with clean olive oil and apricot butter. The paraffin is edible, not in the sense of oral consumption which is highly advised against, but because of a filtration process from its chemical properties. Thus, the remaining substances in the wax, are the ones providing a healthy and correct burning of the candle.

The Fiorentino LFS flower shops make sure you always have exceptional choices at your disposal, with our utmost devotion and attention to detail.

Below you may find some instructions for the optimal use of our scented candles.

  • -We advise you to trim the wick five millimetres every time before lighting the candle, to allow it to burn more slowly.
  • -Also, we suggest not burning the candle for less than two hours and more than five.
  • -We strongly suggest keeping it away from flammable objects and never leaving it unattended.
  • -Kindly note, it should be kept at least 10 centimetres away from other burning candles.
  • -At last, we encourage you to stop its burning when it reaches one centimetre.

Place your order for the Fiorentino Essences Collection, through  our online or physical stores. Our flower shops will provide you with a safe and fast delivery.