2 pcs of blue eternity roses on a medium dome.

Height: 23cm

Diameter: 17cm


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Eternity roses are real, preserved and coloured roses that last for up to a year. However, with the following tips, you may enjoy them for much longer.

  • We encourage you to keep them away from direct sunlight, excessive heat and humidity.
  • Kindly note, the Eternity Roses are protected by the glass dome, so that cleaning them is not required. However, while cleaning the glass dome, make sure to mind its fragility.
  • Also, the do not need contact with air. Therefore, we advise you to remove the glass dome only if you wish to clean it.
  • Keep your Eternity Rose happy, by leaving it untouched and placing it in a closed space.

These exceptional quality roses come from rich and beautiful rose fields of Ecuador.

Our floral technicians, have created this product with endless love and devotion, so that the Beauty and the Beast collection stands out completely with its excellence of quality and beauty. Our major difference, is our unmatched attention to detail.

Additional information

Dimensions 17 × 23 cm