Natura a Casa Fuchsia Medium (3pcs)

Beautiful rose fields at the tip of your hand, in perfect fuchsia. Your little getaway any minute of the day. This frame can turn around any moment and bring you absolute peace by mesmerising you with its charm.

Watch your space transform with this exceptional piece from the Natura a Casa by Fiorentino LFS and get in touch with nature.


14 in stock

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  • Eternity roses are real, processed and coloured roses that last for more than a year. However, with the following tips you may enjoy their presence for much longer.
  • We encourage you to keep them away from direct sunlight, extreme temperatures and humidity. The Eternity roses in the frames might gather some dust, which you can remove with dust feathers. We advise you to dust them with attention, softly and with small movements.
  • For a happy Eternity rose by Fiorentino LFS, keep it untouched, in a closed space.
  • Our high quality roses are originated in beautiful rose fields of Ecuador.
  • Our Natura a Casa collection is an ode to nature and is dedicated to Mother Earth and all she offers to us. Fiorentino LFS innovates by designing this collection as the new answer in the world of Eterinty Roses.
  • Handmade frames in two sizes, ready to decorate your space.

Order a delivery through our online or physical stores and take advantage of our fast and safe deliveries, guaranteed by Fiorentino LFS.

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