Premium Round Box - Royal Blue

This is no gift for the ordinary. Take a chance with the marvellous round box of Eternity roses in royal blue and watch what happens!


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  • Eternity roses are real, processed and coloured roses that last up to a year. However, with the following tips you may enjoy their presence for much longer.
  • We encourage you to keep them away from direct sunlight, extreme temperatures and humidity. The Eternity roses in the boxes might gather some dust, which you can remove with dust feathers. We advise you to dust them with attention, softly and with small movements.
  • For a happy Eternity rose by Fiorentino LFS, keep it untouched, in a closed space.
  • Our high quality roses are originated in beautiful rose fields of Ecuador.
  • Our Premium Boxes collection, stands out with its uniqueness and its aesthetics. Our Greek, handmade boxes showed up first in our window displays in 2015, to shake up the waters of the floral market and to impress the most demanding customer.
  • Our major difference, is our undivided attention to detail.

Order a delivery through our online or physical stores and take advantage of our fast and safe deliveries, guaranteed by Fiorentino LFS.

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