Like the sun rising out of the grey mountains. Thus, we wish your days of ’21 shall be as breathtaking too. Ranunculus, gerbera, roses and more flowers, all dressed up in the most vivid colour. Positive energy, joy and glow…let us paint your world with our palette.


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Ventuno Fiori

The Ventuno Collection and the Ventuno Fiori were created to brighten up our souls with a bit of yellow and make this joy rock solid with a bit of grey. We shall keep all that made us stronger and wiser from the previous year. Let’s look ahead and fill 2021 with positive enery and hope.

The Fiorentino LFS Collection of exceptional bouquets, is indicative of the sizes and colours, and subject to change during different seasons.

  • Our floral experts suggest putting the flower bouquet into the vase and out of the wrapping as soon as possible. They encourage you to change the water regularly (every two or three days) and to slightly trim the stems for increasing the level of absorption.
  • For the optimal maintenance, they advise you to keep the bouquet in cool temperatures, as flowers are not happy in warm atmospheres. At last, please avoid its contact with direct sunlight.
  • Our high quality flowers are grown in farms across Holland, Ecuador and Kenya.

Discover our wonderful Bouquet Collection, fit for any occasion, like birthdays, name days, anniversaries, get well wishes or just a surprise. More than 20 options, available for a safe and fast delivery in Thessaloniki, guaranteed by Fiorentino LFS.

Delivering premium flowers of exeptional aethetics is our mission. Let us carry the sweetest thoughts, into the arms of your loved ones. Trust our history and expertise for the perfect result. Stunning bouquets of a wide variety, are the way to win your loved one’s heart or wish them well.

Place your order for the fabulous Ventuno Fiori bouquet from the Ventuno Collection. Take advantage of a safe and fast delivery in Thessaloniki. Always, guaranteed by Fiorentino LFS.

Additional information

Dimensions 40 × 50 cm