Something is cooking…and it’s just for you! As if yummy gingerbreads just came out of the oven. The most lovely scent that may fill the atmosphere on your call. We have recreated the smell of mom’s kitchen. The gingerbread scent awakens the child within. Make any moment, gingery and bright.

With the Reed Diffusers of the Fiorentino Essences Collection, you have our scents at your disposal on a daily basis, anywhere. Fill your every moment with the scent of Gingerbread.


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The flower shops Fiorentino LFS, create amazing choices for you with the utmost devotion and attention to detail. Discover our Reed Diffusers and give life to the aromas you have loved from our flower shops.

Place an order for the magical collection of Reed Diffusers by Fiorentino Essences, through our online or physical stores. Fiorentino LFS will provide you with a safe and fast delivery all over Greece.

Our diffusers last up to 3 months.