Poinsettia in a handmade wooden pot.

No flower plant could be more associated with Christmas.

A lovely poinsettia, wishes you the merriest and brightest holidays!

Complete your Christmas decorations with it and when in doubt…choose it as the ultimate Christmas gift.

Poinsettia is the Christmas plant for your home. Our flower shops are at your disposal to deliver for you online order in Thessaloniki.


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Poinsettia (Latin: Euphorbia pulcherrima) is the most popular and beautiful Christmas plant. It is a plant originated in Mexico. Its beauty depends upon its bright red leaves, which are called bracts, as they are not flowers. Poinsettia’s flowers are little yellow ones, located in the centre of the leaves’ rosettes. It is one of the most classic Christmas gifts, also in colour variations of white, sub-yellow, pink and two tone.

Poinsettia is a perennial shrub of a moderate growth rate. Its height varies from 0,15cm to 1 metre. It is a plant that does not react well to low temperatures, which is why it is usually used an an indoor plant. In southern regions where the temperature is never below 2 degrees, it can also be planted outdoors, positioned in a shady environment and protected from the wind.

  • When indoors, we position the Poinsettia in a space where there is plenty of light. However, we advise you to keep it away from excessive heat such as radiators or a fireplace. The suggested temperature for preserving its beautiful leaves is 15-16 degrees of Celsius. It requires frequent watering, especially after the plant’s blossoming, without overdoing it. Keep in mind, that its soil should always stay moist, without water stagnation. Also, you may spray its leaves with water, in order to keep it in the optimal condition and increase the quantity levels of watering in the warmer months.
  • Should you wish to put the poinsettia outdoors, we suggest helping the plant adapt to its new conditions by keeping it in a cooler environment with no heat, first. Then, you may position it in your balcony or garden.

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