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When love is new, the pink rose steps in.

Linger in the priceless moments of something that makes your heart skip a bit and do not let it pass you by. Like the first kiss, this is a gesture to remember.

Height: 50-60cm




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  • Pink is spontaneous. Much like the feelings of the love at first sight. If someone makes you smile, let them know with pink roses.
  • We suggest combining it with baby’s breath and greenery (eucalyptus, bay leaves). Even though thy used to be offered in bouquets of 12, lately they are given in odd numbers (usually 11, 15, 21).
  • Our floral experts suggest changing the water regularly (every two or three days) and slightly trimming the stems for increasing the level of absorption (45° angle of cutting). They also advise purchasing roses that were collected when already ripened. Their level of ripeness does not affect their durability.
  • Our high quality flowers are grown in farms across Holland, Ecuador and Kenya.
  • Roses are available  during all seasons.

Order a delivery of pink roses today through our online or physical flower shops and take advantage of our premium and fast services.

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Dimensions 60 cm