For the sensitive hearts with guarding glasses. Tulips are the only loving way to break them. And since they look so breathtaking…they might as well do.




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  • One of the first flowers to bloom during spring. Tulips symbolise rebirth and ever lasting love for a friend or your partner.
  • We suggest not using any floral additions, as tulips are stunning in their exclusive presence. One of our customers shopping habits, is buying large quantities of tulips in plain paper and placing them straight into a vase.
  • Our floral experts suggest changing the water regularly (every two or three days) and slightly trimming the stems for increasing the level of absorption (45° angle of cutting). Kindly note, a clean vase and fresh water are required for their optimal maintenance.
  • Our high quality flowers are grown in farms across Holland, Ecuador and Kenya.
  • Tulips are available from October to April. However, we may be able to provide it for you upon request, for the rest of the year as well.

Order a delivery of tulips today through our online or physical flower shops and take advantage of our premium and fast services.

Additional information

Dimensions 35 cm