The so-called “cheerful” plant, that lifts everyone’s spirits! The ficus ginseng bonsai represents unity, abundance, and harmony. According to feng shui, it takes care for everyone’s wellbeing with its positive vibes. He who takes care of the ficus, is being taken care of. What a lovely gift!

Height: 70cm


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The ficus ginseng plant, is part of the art of bonsai trimming, which dates back to centuries. It comes from Asia and the love for minimalism derived from the Buddhist culture.

Below, you may find some instructions for a proper care and maintenance of a happy ficus ginseng.

  • The ficus ginseng loves light, but not direct sunlight. Kindly note, the more light its position has, the more watering it might need.
  • It requires watering only every two or three weeks during spring and summer. This means, it needs even less watering during autumn and winter. However, it is good to know that its roots soak up water, which makes it a better alternative to be underwatered than overwatered.
  • The ideal temperatures for the best life of a ficus ginseng are between 15 to 25 degrees Celsius.
  • The plants of our flower shops are from Greece, including some from Holland.

Place your order from the Plant Collection by Fiorentino LFS, through our online and physical stores. Take advantage of our flower shops’ safe and fast deliveries in Thessaloniki.

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Dimensions 17 × 55 cm