Our legacy. The olive plant has a priceless value for our heritage and is a wonderful addition into your space. It mezmerizes with its simplicity and brings serenity, every moment in its ambience. It is no surprise that it symbolizes peace, stability and tranquility. Ingredients, which are mandatory for a beautiful atmosphere.


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The olive plant is one of the most beloved ornamental plants, mostly becasue of its beauty and low maintenance.

For a happy olive plant, please read below some instruction for proper care.

  • The olive does not require much care. It tolerates rough conditions and loves outdoor spaces.
  • As for its watering needs, in warm months you may water it once or twice a month. However, in the colder months, once a month will be enough. In case of excess water in the winter, ice will form in its roots and the olive plant will dry.
  • Also, we suggest placing it in a spot with plenty of light, away from intense wind.
  • At last, the olive will not require transplanting for at least a year and a half.
  • The plants of our flower shops are from Greece, including some from Holland.

Place your order for the olive plant, from the Plant Collection by Fiorentino LFS, through our online and physical stores. Take advantage of our flower shops’ safe and fast deliveries in Thessaloniki.



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Dimensions 13 × 30 cm