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There are no better news than the birth of a baby! A new life begins and two lives change completely. You wish to be there, with a kind gesture. To express your own joy and be by the family’s side with your presence and support.

The teddy bear included in this wonderful floral arrangement is hypoallergenic and safe regarding the contact with a baby.

Height: 25cm.


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The Fiorentino LFS flower shops want to offer you wonderful options for your gifts to the newborn’s family. Gifts, that reflect your sweet thoughts for your loved ones and their baby boy. Babies bring light into our life and we bring them our love in the shape of beautiful and playful presents.

Offer unique gifts that will never be forgotten.

The Fiorentino LFS flower shops, create exceptional options for you with unlimited devotion and attention to detail.

The flowers that are used by our floral experts, are selected with great attention. This is to achieve their longest lifespan possible.

Additional information for best maintenance, for your flower arrangement by Fiorentino LFS:

  •  We advise you to keep your Fiorentino arrangement in a cool enviroment, away from direct sunlight.
  •  The flowers that the arrangement consists of, are water supplied by a particular floral foam that needs to be watered every two or three days.
  •  The quantity of the water required is size dependent. In order to check that there is sufficient water, you can slightly press the foam with the tip of your fingers and make sure the foam is moist.

Our high quality flowers are originated in beautiful flower fields. Mostly derived from Ecuador, Holland and Kenya.

Take advantage of our premium services and place an order through our online or physical stores today, for the ever lovely Birth Collection and the newborn baby boy.

Our flower shops will provide you with a safe and fast delivery in Thessaloniki.