They say actions, speak louder than words. But so do roses. With the Shape of my Heart arrangement, they say what is inside the heart. Because our hearts hold our purest, most innocent and truthful feelings.


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Shape of my Heart

The heart-shaped luxurious box, Shape of my Heart, gives life and materializes all that makes you dream. Show that special someone, the real shape of your heart.

Please, find below some instructions, for the optimal maintenance of your roses arrangement.

  • From the simple everyday moments, till your most special ones. Our collection floral arrangements was created to fit perfectly in any occasion, so that you can always share your beautiful feelings.
  • The flowers that are used by our floral experts, are selected with great attention. This is to achieve their longest lifespan possible.
  • Additional information for best maintenance, for your flower arrangement by Fiorentino LFS:

– We advise you to keep your Fiorentino arrangement in a cool enviroment, away from direct sunlight.

– The flowers that the arrangement consists of, are water supplied by a particular floral foam that needs to be watered every two or three days.

– The quantity of the water required is size dependent. In order to check that there is sufficient water, you can slightly press the foam with the tip of your fingers and make sure the foam is moist.

  • Our high quality flowers are originated in beautiful flower fields. Mostly derived from Ecuador, Holland and Kenya.

Place your order for the Shape of my Heart from our Boxes with Fresh Flowers Collection today through our online or physical flower shops. Take advantage of our safe and fast deliveries. For more information, please call (+30) 2316.020 027 and press 1 after the welcome tone, to contact the department of orders.

Additional information

Dimensions 35 × 35 × 20 cm